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The Windfighter

Genre: Fantasy

Director: Philippe Muyl

Co-producers: New Gates Entertainment / ZiWei Holdings

Marco Polo recounts that in ancient China, the wind was tested before a boat would sail away. In order to test its strength, they used to send a man hooked onto a kite up in the sky. If the man remained long enough aloft, the wind was strong enough and the boat could leave...
The Windfighter” takes place in China, at the time of the Warring States. A love story, but also and above all the story of a legendary Chinese hero, Lu Ping, who makes extraordinary kites, and who has a dream: to fly like birds. 


Genre: Comedy

Director: In talks

Co-producer: Tigerfish


ASHLEY, a pretty forty-something straight out of “Sex and The City”, heads a communication agency in New York. She is as sufficient as she is superficial,  and has a passion for stiletto shoes. Her delusions of grandeur dangerously put her agency on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. Despite the risk, she continues to operate according to her characteristic mode of action and seduces the Russian CEO of a high-end jewelry brand to obtain the budget of the last chance.
She finds herself catapulted in tailored suit and stiletto heels on a dream tropical island, to plan a jewelry line launch for her new client.
Paradise is only very short lived! Everything goes from the frying pan into the fire in this country of ‘barbarians’, which works in slow motion and where nothing goes according to plan. Ashley discovers a world diametrically opposed to the one in which she evolves. A country anchored in ancestral rituals, where one appreciates simple pleasures, and whose motto is Carpe Diem!

Mister Puppet

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Director: François Descraques

Co-producer: Inga Films

Tony, a popular leading figure on YouTube, thinks the “MisterPuppet” old video game everyone is talking about is just another ‘creepypasta’, an urban legend from the Dark Web. 

Juliette, a medical student, has lost her own boyfriend when he threw himself out of a widow in front of her eyes, for no apparent reason… except that he played the mysterious game called “Mister Puppet”. 

Juliette meets Tony to find some clues. What if the game was jinxed by a mysterious spirit ? 

Tony and Juliette embark on a thrilling chase to get to the bottom of this, stop the online spreading of “MisterPuppet”, and prevent more teenagers death. 


Uncle Ping

Genre: Comedy

Director: TBA

Co-producer: Tigerfish

A commercial video boasts the merits of  “Ping Multinational Corporation”, a company that welcomes Chinese tourists to France. However, upon looking a bit deeper into the business, we realize that the ‘lucrative conglomerate’ is not that lucrative after all! In fact, the multinational is simply Uncle Ping, his wife, his son and his daughter… and the whole company is managed from the Ping family’s 2-bedroom apartment in the Chinatown area of Paris!
One day, Uncle Ping receives a message from his sister, who lives in China. She announces the arrival in Paris of her son,  the family’s child prodigy, who has become a very rich businessman. He is coming to France with his future wife, a ‘fuerdai’ from Shanghai…
… but sometimes everything does not go exactly as planned…

One (L’Amour à L’Infini)

Genre: Drama

Paul, an ‘eternal teenager’ full of life despite being in his eighties, is terminally ill with cancer. His best friend Michelle, a forty-year-old writer, stays by his side during the last months of his life, while dwelling on the existential questions of life and death.

Helped in this fundamental quest by her friend Patrick — a zany character passionate about Albert Einstein and quantum physics — Michelle deepens her metaphysical research to realize it reveals strange similarities with quantum theories.
From then on, Michelle is on a mission to show her friends that there is no true separation, that we are all undeniably bound spiritual beings who must become aware of their divine reality made of unconditional love, and who need to develop the intuitions of the heart.



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