Entertainment at Beaujolais Passions


Enjoy cancan, feathers and glitz "à la mode de Paris" with a medley of French talents, food and wine!


CABARET VERSATILE – Recipient of the Best Cabaret and Variety Show of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2012 — will perform its latest revue with 5 amazing dancers choreographed by Lola Ohlala.


TAIDA PEARL –Taïda Pearl was born in France and grew up in South of France. One day, she played one of her father's records and immediately fell in love with music. It was a song by Elvis Presley. Taida's father also influenced her interest in Jazz as she grew up listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra. When she turned 14, she began singing in a classical choir and later became part of a pop band. Franck Zappa, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Michael McDonald, Sarah Vaughan, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Julia Fordham are the great voices who marked her teen-age years.

After touring for years in the South of France, Taïda moved to Paris to reinvent herself . 'Taïda Pearl' was born. Her artist name comes from the scientific name of Taïda's favorite flower, the orchid, and also refers to drums, her favorite instrument. In Paris, Taïda took singing lessons to improve her voice and understand how to maximize the gift she had been given. She then performed in famous Parisian jazz clubs such as "Le Baiser Salé," "After Midnight," "Le Caveau de la Huchette," and "Aux Trois Malletz."

Taïda recently moved to the U.S. to fulfill a childhood dream and perform in the country of her idols. However, it is obvious when she performs that wherever she is in the world, the stage is Taïda's home. She has a warm personality, a great sense of humor and genuinely connects with her audience.


JENNY ELOISE RIEU - 'The Lady in Red' is a French 'vintage singer' as she calls herself , and she will take you on journey to a time and place of old world elegance and glamor.


MICHAEL BOGOMOLNY is a Russian-Israeli born Pianist and Music Composer. Together with Jenny Eloise Rieu, they created the Cabaret show "The Lady in Red," a show that pays homage to old Hollywood songs, as well as Jazz Standards and French songs, ranging from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. The band also has personal compositions that reflect their heavy influence from the past eras.


MATT POWELL is the guitarist and songwriter for 'The Incredible Heavies' and 'The Sharbettes', as well as the co-founder and designer at Plecas Powell Design, a mid-century modern furniture design company. He often writes about music as a means to explore the interconnectivity of broader issues and themes.


EURO-THEATRE - Discover the only French theatre company in Los Angeles and preview an excerpt of an original play in French with English subtitles LA ZIZANIE AU CONSULAT!

Euro-Theatre will present LA ZIZANIE AU CONSULAT! at the Assistance League Playhouse in Hollywood from December 13th to the16th.



BEAUJOLAIS PASSIONS is produced by Passions Productions.