Actors Who Are Having Their Best Year In 2019

Most popular actors in 2019…

2019 has proved to be the best year for a lot of actors, old and new. From landing multiple roles or headlining in the year’s biggest blockbusters and newest entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some actors are completely winning 2019 and truly making a name for themselves. As a result, they’re at the top of their game. Some of these stars are new celebs to watch for. Others are still riding the wave of their success as actors and actresses in 2018, and they don’t look like they’re going to stop any time soon.

Maybe everybody has had that top-of-the-world feeling, even saying, “This will be my year.” Some of the best actors of 2019 are really putting thought to action and making it happen. So, who are the top actors and actresses of 2019?

Check out the list of most popular actors in 2019 below and vote up the actors and actresses who you think are having their best year. Of course, you can vote anyone down if you think they could have stepped it up a notch.

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