A Passion for Wine? The hidden virtues of grapes!

A Passion for Wine? French people know grapes can be used many other ways! Twenty years ago, the owners of Caudalie discovered that PCOs  extracted from grape-seeds, are significantly more effective than vitamin E against free radicals. 
The French company has since developed a range of products containing stabilized grape-seed polyphenols with anti-ageing properties, and created the first Vinothérapie Spa in the grounds of Château Smith Haut Lafitte in France. Caudalie USA, a subsidiary founded in 2001 also operates spas, and just launched a new boutique in Venice, CA this year. The West Coast flagship store is filled with  anti-aging, grape-derived skin care products, and also features a full-service spa.
The French Vinotherapie skincare line is now ready to educate Angelenos about the hidden virtues of grapes!
Caudalie n. <kodali> (oenological term): Unit measuring the duration of the wine’s flavor on the palate. For each second the flavor remains this is a caudalie. The finer a wine is, the more caudalies it has.
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